Rescue Foster Application

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Which Breed Or Size Are You Interested In?
Personal References (2); Name, Relationship, Phone  
Please provide name, address, & phone of your current/past/future Veterinarian  
Do you currently own any animals? If so, please provide breed, age, gender, size, & temperament toward other animals.  
Do you have children (or children visiting regularly)? If so, what are their age/gender? What is their experience with dogs?  
Do you own your home? If not, do you have permission to have a dog(s)? Please provide name/number of homeowner/landlord.  
What type of home do you live in? House/apartment/condominium/etc...Do you have a yard? If so, is it fenced? Is your home in an urban, suburban, or rural area?  
How many hours a day will dog be left home alone? When you are not home, where will dog be? Inside/outside, free roaming, in a crate, kennel in yard, tied, etc...?  
What are the reasons behind your descion to foster a dog now? 
If you have previously owned dogs/animals, please let me know about them & their current status; passed on, lost, given away, stolen, etc...  
Please do your best to describe the lifestyle of your family. What activities do you do or plan to do with your dog(s)?  
Do you travel often? If so, what do you plan to do with your dog while you travel? Take with, leave with family/friends, boarding kennel, etc...?  
Who do you believe will be primarily responsible for the care of the dog?  
How much training are you willing to do with your dog? Do you plan to take your dog to puppy or obedience classes? What level of training are you seeking in your new dog or puppy?  
Will your new dog or puppy be allowed on the furniture or beds? If not, will you have dog beds available for them? Where will the dog sleep each night? On a dog bed in your bedroom, in a crate, on your bed, etc...?  
Where & how will the dog be exercised each day?  
How do you plan on disciplining your new dog or pup when needed?  
Do you feel you have a thorough understanding of all the expenses that go along with dog ownership? Are you financially able to properly care for your dog in the event of a medical emergency?  
Are you financially able to give your dog the proper nutrition needed daily? This could involve special dietary foods or supplements needed to keep your dog healthy & preventatives against further medical needs (heartworm preventatives, flea/tick preventative, etc...)  

Thank you for taking the time to complete this application. The goal is not to be invasive, but to match the best possible home for each animal. SBC Shelter Group.